Ocarina Parts

1. Finger holes
These holes are covered with your fingers to produce the different tones in an ocarinas range.

2. Sub-holes
These are holes that can be covered in addition to the finger holes to produce half notes. They are also used to reach the bottom notes. Not all ocarinas have subholes.

3. Split-holes
These are used where it’s normal to cover half of the hole while playing. Since the hole is split in two, it’s much easier to cover half of the hole.

4. Tuning holes
These are holes that are not meant to be covered. Instead they are used to tune the ocarina.

5. Mouthpiece
This is where the air enters the ocarina. In the above picture it has two slots. One for each chamber.

6. Thumb holes
Just the same as finger holes except they are covered by your thumbs. Located on the backside of the ocarina.

7. Sound holes
This is where the sound is produced. Since this ocarina is double chambered it has two. One for each chamber.