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A duet with my former self

I recently posted my first duet cover on youtube. One of my previous videos (kudos to those who knows which one) has two takes of the same ocarina layered on top of each other. But it’s not the same as mixing a bass and an alto ocarina. I’ve been wanting to make video for a while now as I’ve had my Imperial City Double Bass C ocarina for a while, and I absolutely love it. It has such a calm and earthy tone that is really beautiful. At first I struggled a bit to play it for longer periods because of the size and weight of it. But you get used to it. And now going back to my double alto, it seemed unusually small and I almost fumbled a bit when placing my fingers.

When I make a video I record the sound first and then I record the video when the recording is done. The reason for this is so I don’t have to worry about trying to make it sound and look okay at the same time. It’s easier to take multiple takes while playing if I mess up if I don’t have to worry about the camera as well. So in a sense, what you see me play isn’t actually what you hear me play. But I can assure you that it is in fact me playing. In this case the video has a special backstory in relation to my two-part process. Even though the video of me playing both ocarinas is shot in the same day. The sound recordings are actually made approximately 8 months apart. Mononoke Hime is a melody I like a lot. And so I did a recording of it back in March. But I never got around to making the video. So when my sometimes forgetful mind wanted to do a cover of the melody, I discovered that there was already a recording there. So decided it would be nice to make a duet. And therefore recorded a new version of the full song with my bass. Afterwards I went through the tracks and muted each one at the right times to make it into the duet. So in a way this has taken very long to make. Hope you like it.

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