An update to the ocarina map

So I thought I’d share an update with you on how this project is coming along. This was a project that I started because I wanted to get a better overview of the different ocarina makers. Especially since ocarinas usually aren’t available in your local music shop, I wanted to be able to find ocarina makers location. I also added markers for sellers, groups, the ocarina museums, vintage makers and for suppliers of clay & tools. Lately I’ve been working on making the site work on different screen sizes. As well as updating the overall look. I’ve also started adding maker marks/stamps to the makerlist on the site. So it’s easier to find the makers of unknown ocarinas.

The downside to this project is that I’m only one person and therefore it takes time to populate the map. I’ve added a google form to the site so people can submit markers themselves. I still have to add them manually. But hopefully the map will grow with time. The map can be found here If you want to submit a marker to the map you can do it here.

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