My Rotter ZFan has arrived :)

So my Rotter ZFan just arrived the other day. This is my first impressions of it. The Rotter ZFan was my prize for the 2013 TONs of Fun Christmas Contest. Along with the ocarina was a catalog of Rotters ocarinas and two sheet music books. Over is a picture of the box and the padded pouch the ocarina came in. It also came with a neck strap. The ocarina has a beautiful blue glaze. It doesn’t have the “silver” band like so many other replicas and the triforce have been replaced by a flower-like symbol. This is something I really like about this ocarina, that it doesn’t strive to be an exact replica of the one in the game but rather has its own style inspired by it.

The ocarina is tuned to alto c and it has the taiwanese fingering system. It has nice ergonomics, the little finger hole on the left hand is a bit larger than I’m used to. But I can easily cover all the holes with my small hands. The mouthpiece is also a bit rounder than I’m used to, not that there is anything bad with that. I really like the tone of it. It has a nice and pure sounds and I really enjoy playing it. I’ll try to upload a video of it soon.

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