Facebook: an answer to musical loneliness

The ocarina is an underdog when it comes to instruments. If you play the guitar or the piano it’s likely you’ll run into someone else who also plays it. But ocarinists are less in number and more spread out. At least here in Europe as the ocarina is most popular in Asia. That is when it’s viewed as a musical instrument and not just as a cosplay prop. There’s a few ocarina groups on Facebook and recently the website ocarinaassociation.org popped up, which focuses on creating local groups to promote the ocarina. Inspired by these initiatives I decided to start a facebook group to gather the ocarinist of Scandinavia. As a means to meet other ocarinist in the near vicinity and not feel so lonely about my hobby. Although there are forums like TheOcarinaNetwork you tend to feel more distanced from the people in a way that you don’t get from Facebook. Currently the group is pretty small but hopefully it will grow soon. For any Scandinavian ocarinists out there who happen to read this, the group can be found here Scandinavian Ocarina Association.

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