First Impressions: Night by Noble

My Night by Noble recently arrived and I thought I’d take the time to give you my first impressions of it. This is the one I ordered. I’ve been wanting the Noble plastic before, but I prefer Taiwanese sub-holes. So I was pretty excited when i heard they were making the Night by Noble. Still, it took quite some time before I finally ordered one.

The shipping was quite fast. I confirmed the order on Saturday and it arrived the next Thursday. Thats only four work-days. It came in a bag and inside was a cardboard box that was protecting the actual box that contained the ocarina. The box itself had a simple design that I really liked. The logo and type of ocarina on the front and a fingering chart on the back. Inside was the ocarina itself, in bubble wrap and a piece of paper that seems to be some sort of customer club registration form.

At first glance the ocarina seemed smaller than my Focalink plastic, but when comparising the two they are roughly the same size. The Night by Noble does however have a shorter mouthpiece and it is also shorter in general since it does not have a pointy end like the Focalink. The finger holes are placed slightly closer in comparison to the Focalink. I really like the look of the tip, how it seems almost cut-off.

The ocarina has a nice matte finish, except for 1,5 cm in on the mouthpiece. There are some lines on the ocarina that might look like scratches. These come from the casting process and are similar to the ones you can see on the Focalink. It has a hole for a neck-cord but it does not come with one. The matte finish gives a nice grip. It also makes it feel less sweaty when you hold it. That said, the grease stain while gather like moth to a flame. But it’s easy to clean it of with a dry piece of cloth.

As for sound. I feel it has a slightly more distinct sound than the Focalink. Not that the Focalink has bad sound. They both have different qualities. It also has a somewhat higher breath requirement. Not much though. I still haven’t managed to get a clear sound on the top notes. But this is something I struggle with on the Focalink too so it is probably much to do with my technique. Overall it feels very natural in my hands and the finger-hole placement is nice. That being said I do have small hands so it might not fit so good with people that have large hands.

I would certainly recommend this. It’s affordable, has a stylish look, good durability due to plastic construction (Though I haven’t tested it. Why ruin a perfectly good ocarina?), it plays nicely and the ergonomics are good. Some people have reported that scratches are easily visible on the matte finish. I haven’t had it long enough to see any, but best to keep it in a pouch or the like when not in use. I’ll try to upload a recording of it soon.

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