Original Melody

T:Original Melody 1
I:linebreak $
|: B, E _G =G | _G E B, B, | A,2 z2 | E _G =G A | G _G _F/_F/D/_G/- | G3 z :|$
G/_G/=G/_G/ E2 | B, C3 | z A/G/ A/G/ _G | G A B2 | $
G/_G/=G/_G/ E2 | B, C3 | C/C/B,/ A,2 z/ | A, B,3 |

Here’s a little tune that I made. It’s my first original melody. I’m still in the process of learning sheet music, so I’m not that good at writing music down. When I first jotted it down on a piece of paper it was a long line of notes without any form of structure like bars or rests, and it consisted of only half and quarter notes.

After I had finished writing down a rough sketch, I opened up Musescore and wrote it in there. This time i tried to make it correct so that it would sound correct when played. It’s easier to find out if I’ve written it correctly when I can listen to it. It still sounds kind of rough, but at least it sounds more like I want it to sound than my sketch would have done.

Here is a quick recording of it.

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