Ocarina as First Instrument

The ocarina is the first instrument that I learned to play. It’s a pretty easy instrument to learn. Take note though that learning and mastering is two different things. As I mentioned in the first post, I didn’t pratice much at first because I was shy and didn’t dare practice if I thought anyone could hear me, which is highly likely when you live in a dormitory with 20 people,  and when you’re learning an instrument for the first time, it doesn’t sound that great. At least not at first, but with practice (as almost everything in life) it gets better.

When I first started, I was using tabs. It uses pictures of the ocarina to show which holes to cover for each note. I think this is a great way to start because you can focus on playing the notes clearly instead of having to focus on which note to play. At least for me, who at the time didn’t know how to read sheet music.

After playing for a while I learned how to play each note in my ocarina’s range from the sheet music. And I started using sheet music, which I still do (along with learning by ear). But I still have a long way to go on the learning side. But as an old saying states.

One learns as long as one lives.

I would recommend learning sheet music because it is more universal. Tabs isn’t just limited by the fact that it is made for ocarinas but there is also different tabs for different kind of ocarinas. For example: 6 hole or 12 hole. So have a better chance of finding sheet music for a song. But in the end, at least for me, the joy of ocarinas comes from playing them and for that matter the type of notation used is unimportant.  

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